Here you will find details and photographs of my paper model projects

I have produced scenic models in a variety of scales for:

  • Railway modellers
  • Aircraft modellers
  • Diecast vehicle collectors
  • Plastic model vehicle builders
  • Slot racing (Scalextric) circuits


The models are on sale for direct download at the  Scale Model Scenery  and Model Railway Scenery websites, run by my colleague Justin Noble

Once you have downloaded the model, you can print it and build versions of it as many times as you like!

New!!! Download a free sample of my models: HERE


I hope you'll sign my guestbook - and please feel free to make any (constructive) suggestions. I'd welcome ideas for future models, in particular!

NEW! Free Gift!

I-Spy On The Road - Car Game

I needed to keep my grandson busy on a long car journey, so I made this car game to amuse him. I've made it available for you too! (Right-click-save-as)

PRINT OUT the cards onto 160gsm card.

ADD POINTS in the score boxes (how many points depends on what you think the frequency of the object to be - e.g. 10 points for a road-roller, 1 point for a taxi etc.)

COVER the card sheets with sticky-back transparent plastic and cut them out.

ORGANISE the pack with cards in ascending order of points, so that when dealt out, each player gets a selection of high and low-scoring cards.

GAME 1: DEAL OUT a number of cards to each player. When they "spot" the object, they give up the card to the pack. First to give up all cards, or the one with least cards at the end of the journey is the winner.

GAME 2: DEAL OUT  all the cards to the players. When they spot the object, they score the points on the card. (Multiples of each are not allowed at one sighting - e.g. 5 horses seen at one time doesn't count as 5X the score.) Winner is the person with most points at the end.

The file is, by necessity, a fairly low-resolution version. Anyone wanting the higher res file please email me.


New "How To" added.

23/02/2013 13:41
I've written another guide to making details on the models  - making rebated doors and...

New model about to be issued.

05/02/2013 16:56
The latest model - a Low Relief Industrial Unit - is nearly ready. (More details on the "Workbench"...

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