New "How To" added.

23/02/2013 13:41
I've written another guide to making details on the models  - making rebated doors and windows.

New model about to be issued.

05/02/2013 16:56
The latest model - a Low Relief Industrial Unit - is nearly ready. (More details on the "Workbench" page)

Links Pages added

03/02/2013 16:02
  Just added - links to useful sites.

Added articles

15/01/2013 16:05
NEW! - a "Hints and Tips" section in which I include three general articles to help you with the models I have produced. There's a "How To" for Scaling and Printing, a guide to Layered PDFs, and a general card modelling guide.

Added content

06/01/2013 15:19
More photos added to the front page. Going to do some more designing next week!

Next project!

04/01/2013 11:33
Well, having had a break whilst sorting out my grandson's Lego collection, I'm researching some new 1/43rd models to display the diecast vehicles. As I've a few buses, I thought a roadway with low-relief shop fronts and a bus stop, or maybe a section of a bus station..... We'll see!

Visitors notice

04/01/2013 09:54
Call back frequently to see my latest projects

Website launched

04/01/2013 09:53
The new website has been launched today!   Please be patient as it will take me a while to add more content