Rebated windows and doors

My models often have windows and doors that are rebated - recessed into the walls. I have tried a variety of ways to do this. Slightly recessed fittings are done by simply sticking the door or window behind a cut-out opening, sometimes made a little deeper by laminating another piece of card behind the wall before cutting out the opening.

Often, however, I want to represent deeper recesses - as found in some older thick-walled buildings, and as normal in continentel buildings (where the sill is on the outside and the window is flush with the inside of the wall.) This is how to form those rebates:


1. Two folds are required - a valley anf a mountain fold. The one next to the frame is a valley fold, and is made by putting pin-holes through from the printed side at the ends of the fold lines:

2. Turn the paper over and score (I prefer the blunt knife method) between the pin-holes.

3. Turning back to the printed side, score the fold lines between the grey tab and the "brickwork" of the recess:

4. Cut out the door or window and make the two folds:

5. Apply glue to the tabs and stick the door or window onto the inside of the opening. Look at it from the outside to make sure it's lined up properly:

Do the same for all the others. Note that all this is done before any other assembly is commenced.